Thursday, 28 January 2010

You know you're in Surrey when...

...In a 2hours 30min training ride you pass 2 houses equipped with moats and are almost run off your bike by a Lamborghini.

I finally made it through my exams and down to London on Tuesday. As I mentioned at least twice already last week I'm staying with my good friends the Yeomans. Mark and Lisa have had me to stay lots over the last 18 months after meeting at the 08 World Champs. Mark is literally a beast (think the Russian off of Rocky 4) and a great training partner, so this week we'll be swim, bike, run and gyming together with some sessions by myself thrown in as well.

Last night we hit the gym for a run set on the treadmills, at the time it was tough with my pulse getting above threshold by the end, last night it was sore and was hardly able to get up the stairs...but this morning I was back to normal and ready to hit out another hard day. This is a big change from a few months back when I started increasing my run intensity, back then I'd have a hard run set and pay for it over the next 48hours, whereas now I can just move on to the next session with a lot more ease.

So I woke up early again this morning and headed to the pool for a steady 5500. As it's my birthday coming up Mark invested in some presents for me, one of which is a super cool underwater MP3 player. So this morning in the pool, for the first time in 12 years, I had musical entertainment as I was paddling along, quite weird at first having Vampire Weekend playing while you do a set of 8x600s but definitely made the time pass quicker. For sure would recommend it to anyone just getting back into swimming who maybe finds 30-60minute swims just too makes it fly by.

Literally just through the door from a steady ride (still in my kit) and about to have a quick nap before a fast run set (again) tonight.

Will have some cool pictures of London up by the weekend, keep training hard,


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Kamal Rae said...

i read "still in my kit" as "still in my kilt"... i wasn't even surprised at that, just assumed you rode in a kilt. Are you racing strathclyde on may 23rd? Might see you there if you are! Hope the snow has gone.