Sunday, 24 January 2010

Winter eh

Hey everyone,

So this morning I sucked it up (after having pledged on Friday to actually ride outside this weekend) and put on my winter gear for 3 hours in the saddle...and outside for once.
It's been over a month since I rode my bike on the roads, a 12 day XC Skiing training camp in Canada accounted for a bit of it but mostly its down to the feet upon feet of snow Scotland has suffered over the 40 days. I was sick and fed up of sitting in front the TV watching Scrubs re runs for hours upon end, also it has warmed up around here, sitting at about 5 degrees all week. So most of the snow is gone and as long as there isn't any ice around I guess riding is safe enough once more.

This morning was a balmy 4 degrees when I headed out and it just seemed more wet than cold. Within an hour there was snow on the road and my route ended up taking me onto the B974 which the police had closed...due to snow. So suffice to say it was a chilly 3 hours and with some dodgy moments sliding around to add in a core workout just for a bit of fun.

Yesterday I was out at Raemoir House Hotel again for yet another fantastic run up the many hills. As expected by 500feet we were surrounded by snow and at the top there was over a metre in places...VERY difficult to run across. An inch of solid stuff on top then 3 feet of slush below...wet feet is an understatement!

...By the end I was pretty tired out

Ah well, comes with the job.
As a lot of you know I'm currently in the middle of my final university exams. 4 years goes far too fast.
My last is tomorrow, (Dynamics - think of machines rattling around, its about the rattling part) and then I can move on. Notes will go into storage (never know when I might need them again) and I'll pack my bags for London. 6 days staying with Mr Mark Yeoman will do me good and give me a boost after a few weeks of soul destroying exams.
Time for mega training once more,

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