Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Back home

Landed in Vancouver late last night, feels like I never left.

Seems like all trips are "trips from hell" these days and to be honest yesterday wasn't too bad. British Airways unfortunately had to cancel most of our flights meaning we (My parents and I) were on a slightly detoured route through London then Calgary before landing at YVR.

Successfully dodged bike handling fees at Aberdeen, London and Calgary saving me close to $300 but was stuck next to crying babies, coughing strangers and was abused by over aggressive airport staff along the way...but not all bad, at least I arrived in one piece last night after being awake for over 27 hours (as a side note, never do the 530am swim on the morning before a long haul flight!).

As it stands however Westjet have lost my bike, not just lost as in "oh its still in Calgary" but lost in the "we have NO idea where it is" sense. So fingers crossed it will turn up here in the next few hours but until then replacement bike contingencies are being put in place. No mucking around here!

Off to Victoria and the Canadian NTC tomorrow, will be great to train with those guys and see what a foreign performance program is like. Have been involved with performance programs and centres for the last 8 or so years but never in Canada so looking forward to doing some sessions with the guys.

Will keep everyone up to date as the week goes on,


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