Sunday, 21 March 2010


So that's it,

after 196 days of winter training, racing has recommenced.

Rusty, tired, but faster. And though its hard to stay positive when you're knackered there is definite improvement over the same time last year and with another few months of super hard training to go...things are looking good :)

The race was the Scottish University champs in Edinburgh, all the guys showed up and it was great to hang out with friends again for the day. I swam fastest, coming out in 8mins25, then headed out onto the VERY windy bike course. 31 minutes later I was back into T3, now in 3rd place. A heavy bike took it out of my legs and I was no where near race sharp on the run, but it wasn't slow, not fast either though! Still, crossed the line in just over 59 minutes, once all is said and done an approx 4 minute improvement over this time last year.

All good.

Now its time for a recovery afternoon, before training starts again tomorrow morning. A quick massage then straight into hard work again running up to my Canada training camp in 7 days. Lots more running, biking and swimming before my next race on May 2nd down south.

Other goings on:

Spent the night in Edinburgh on Saturday night, was fun to hang out with my best mate Pete for a while. Watched the rugby, good to see Scotland win! And had fun driving the 130 miles back and forth to the race as well, employed the "drafting" technique tucking in behind faster cars...mainly to hide from any speed traps but also for fuel efficiency!

Will sleep tonight, but with a tough 3 weeks coming up...think I'll be tired for a little while longer.


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