Monday, 1 March 2010

"If someone suggests you lower your sights a little today, tell them they should raise theirs a little instead"

Today's title is taken from one of my friend's blogs before yesterdays Men's Hockey gold medal match. What a game.

Last week was my 21st birthday, so I'm officially a man...but I don't believe in that rubbish. Was still a significant birthday though, my best yet, my family and I had a great time...though my little sis (who is slumming it in South Africa) was definitely missed.

It was a welcomed rest from the stresses of University and pressures
of pre-season training, which have been in full swing since October. I NEVER take holidays, but 3 days off last week did me a world of good, if anything it made me realise once again that I will never be able to survive without training, ha.

Back to the Olympics.

We'd all be lying if we said we didn't look at an Olympian and think "I want to be one of them". Sometimes as an athlete its too easy to avoid questions, both in public and in private, refusing to admit you're intentions. But I'd love to go to the Olympics
and I have no problem in saying. The last two weeks in Vancouver proved the human spirit, grit, reliance and respect of a nation and of every nation who took part. It was truly an awesome spectacle and I'll remember what I saw forever. A country coming together, supporting its athletes and more than that the spirit of the games. It reminded me more than ever of my focus and that thing inside that somehow makes me believe, unequivocally, in myself.

Watching the hockey last night it was easy at times to think "they might just not be able to pull this off". It made me think about whether or not I could handle that
pressure. When I thought of those guys it was easy for me to see how they could win, but hard for me to truly believe they could.

Of course they could, and they did, just the way they deserved to. But then I started thinking about the future and what I wanted to do, it all seems pretty abstract and out there, thinking about things you "might" be able to achieve, if all goes to plan. The more I thought though the more I realised I believed in myself, regardless of what happens, where I go or what I choose to do. I believe I can do it and other people believe I can too. Things will change, some will come in on target, other things will mix it all up a bit, but I guess I believe I'll get through it regardless of the things along the way and come out of the other end with a smile on my face...

...definitely makes getting up in the morning a little easier.

Thanks Vancouver, you sure pulled it off.


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Nicole said...

nice title.. just saying...

happy to hear you had a great birthday and chance to relax a little.

see you in a few