Friday, 1 August 2008

Destination - Vancouver

Hey all,

It's been a packed final week in Aberdeen, training, mountains, sun, braemar and lots of goodbyes.

The weather has played into everyones hands this week so the KUOTA had a few miles put on her before she was packed up in the new bike box for the flight. I've lowered the handle bars again and given the seat a few more degrees of downward angle so have been out on the Aberdeenshire roads getting used to the position while taking in the sun.

Tuesday I headed out to a local mountainette, Clachnaben, about 7 miles in total up and back so I donned the Salomon X country shoes and headed off for the peak at a light jog. The running lasted about 2 miles and then was bent over pushing on my knees to carry myself up to the top -49minutes to the peak. 4 jaffa cakes, half a bannana and 500mls of Nuun water later and I was sprinting back down the path to try and make it back in under 90minutes. Shins held up well and overtaking a Land Rover with a mile to go helped me speed up to make it back to the car park in 1.29:32

On Wednesday me and Pete (best friend) headed up to Braemar for a day out at Linn O'Dee (Notoriously dangerous Gorge but the most fun you'll ever have swimming). There are places to chill out in the sun, open slow moving sections, raging torrents, numerous deep water (40ft) pools and crazy jumps ranging from 2m to over 8m. We were there for 6 hours and was an awesome if tiring day, I love the fact I can still head out for a day at the river and class it as training!

And if you were wondering ... I did the 8m jump ... if only once.

Now I am zipping up my suitcase packed to the brim for my year in Vancouver, I'll be out of touch for a few days but next time I write I'll be settled into the house in Whistler for a few weeks training before the race and then...a few days later...the big move to the UBC campus =]

"Real athletes swim/bike/run...others just play games"


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