Friday, 22 August 2008

Saab Salomon Endurance Peak Race

Ok so 1 race was scored off the list last weekend at the National Champs but the 5 days in between weekends goes quickly so tomorrow morning ill be attempting the second race in my "3 races in 3 weekends" stint here in Canada.

It's the Peak Endurance race sponsored by Saab Salomon at the top of Whistler mountain here in Whistler, BC. Over 500 hill runners are flocking here from over Canada and the North-West States to jut about the rocky hillside and slippy glacier streams of Whistler's peak. Obviously to anyone who knows me I'm not exactally the 15km Peak Running Race kinda guy but this is the first race of the second half of this year which is essentially a really hard training session.

So I've just taken this week pretty easy after last weekends racing in the heat so tomorrow will be a tough little run with the top guys coming in under the hour, I'm just hoping for a decent finishing slot in my age group and no trips or falls setting me back. After tomorrow I'll be looking ahead to the Vancouver City Triathlon a week this Monday down on the same course I raced on at Worlds back in June - should be fun!

"If you run without sacrifice - congratulations, you just jogged"


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