Sunday, 31 August 2008


UBC Vancouver is the coolest place on earth.

Until yesterday I had never lived on campus, let alone a north American one. The movies don't lie. People really do play frisbee all the time, play american football on every piece of grass there is, drink out of kegs and have dorm parties every night. Its AWESOME

...not that I'm enjoying myself or anything...

This last week, since my trail running weekend, I have been training up to the Vancouver Triathlon which is tomorrow (Monday) morning at about 7am. Had some pretty good sessions, was hitting 61's for my 100m's in the pool and had a decent 2.5 hour ride (be it in the rain). Looking forward to tomorrow morning, will be nice to get back and race on the World Chmps course and am feeling fast so will be a good one I hope.

Until then I'm off to chill on the grass outside my dorm with all the guys (and girls) n' enjoy the sun and the free BBQ :-)


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