Saturday, 23 August 2008

Saab Salomon Endurance Peak Race Results

I've found a new sport. TRAIL RUNNING.

I never said I was born to run but you aren't born to trail run you are simply crazy enough to do it. Over 11km at 7000ft takes the PRO Salomon guys just under an hour but my goal for today was to get as close to the old course record for the under 20's of 1 hour 22 minutes.

At one point at around 5km I thought I was going to have a stroke from the alititude. Your breathing goes all funny and it feels like your just breathing half way each time so it took me a while to get over that - there was a hint of panic when it first started as I convinced myself I had overdone it and forget a stroke I might actually not finish!!! I also was a bit shocked when at some points even the pro guys in the distance started to speed hike up the craggy cliffs which didn't make me feel as bad when I had to put hands on knees and simply push myself up at walking pace on the really steep parts.

Anyways I was really pleased when I crossed the line in a new course record of 1hour 12 minutes for the under 20's with a gold medal for my age group to match. I think I'm more suited to the "hard as nails" aspect of the Endurance Peak course over a standard 10km road course - firstly as the terrain leans away from the repetative injury side of road running which seems to bother my shins a bit and secondly as its a pure, 100% suffer fest and I would be lying If I didn't say that's what I live for!

The guys out there were awesome and everyone was congratulating each other with hugs and pats on the back, there was a 79 year old who completed the Endurance race and got the biggest cheer I have ever heard. What a legend - I only hope I can be as tough as him when I'm pushing 80!

Anyway I'm off to the lake for a swim and then I guess I'd better think about next weekend which holds another race but only a triathlon this time so shouldn't be too hard ;)

"Real athletes swim, bike, run....everyone else just plays games"...except the trail runners who are simply nuts


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Hannah C T Llewellyn said...

you're doing so well, i'm so happy for you. I hope that things just keep getting better for you Mike, you deserve it. xx