Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Second Degree Frostbite ;

"Reddening of the skin, throbbing, burning sensations followed by bleeding or swelling"

According to environment Canada at the time of my race on Sunday morning it was -3 plus the fact I was riding my bike at 50kph makes the temperature around -13 degrees. This seems to have had a pretty rough effect on my hands and have been in a bit of pain today ... especially while out riding my bike in the cold.

You can't win every battle though and it looks like my hands aren't too bad, the bleeding has stopped but the stinging is still lingering.

Bleeding hands : (

oh and if anyone ever gets frostbite...don't put moisturiser on it! STINGS!

Haha well I hope everyone is training hard, especially those *Fraser and Denise* who are either in or heading to very warm climates!


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