Saturday, 7 March 2009

UBC Triathlon ... maybe

I'm sitting in my room, 20 hours out from the first race of the season ... and it's snowing.

Being honest I knew it would snow, the forecast was for snow and given my previous history with the sport of triathlon it is only customary for it to snow. At least 7/10 races I compete in seem to have weather limitations, be it severe rain, wind, flooding, snow ... jelly fish (ok not weather but they're scary). Snow hit my first race of the season last year just as we were exiting the swimming pool into T1...a quick throw on of a 2xU jacket and off I went.

My main concern is they cancel the race tomorrow, snow is just snow, rain is just rain. We train in it all the time so I have no problem racing in it but I realise the safety issues so cancelling is really the only option when it is really snowy. Currently its snowing hard but not sticking, as long as it stays off the roads we should be ok.

The race is a Sprint, 700m/20k/5km, swim in the outdoor pool, bike around the main road (2xout and back) and the run is through campus. Its a pretty big race with thousands of entrants each year but I think there will be a few no shows tomorrow if its still under zero!

I'll post again tomorrow after the race,

Let's hope it's on ... can't wait,


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