Friday, 20 March 2009


So the rainy season seems to have arrived here in Vancouver,

I'm putting it down to these reasons...

1) Lots of training is currently being done each day
2) Denise is in Arizona (30 degrees)
3) Fraser is in San Diego
4) There are lots of races happening right now in sunny places

But I really don't mind. As Fraser put it a few days ago I'll be "hard as nails" once race season comes around. I've already got 1 sub zero race day in me thus far :)

Today I ventured to the run track for my weekly track set, unfortunately the week of rain had made the track pretty muddy ... but I had cleverly taken a towel with me in my car in anticipation of getting messy, so my car stayed clean...I however didn't...

Plus because it was pretty cold out there when I got back inside the fronts of my legs actually steamed up...

looked quite funny!

Oh well, onward and upward...into the rain.

Train hard.


1 comment:

Denise said...

Really I think it might have been 35ish earlier in the week : )